A Prayer for Our Times

A prayer to Abba Father in Heaven, in the name of His Son, Jesus Christ

Lord, you inspired many of your ancient prophets to write – about our day. Your compassion is great – imploring, calling, travailing – for us.  May we fall in love with you, and your Word.  May we tire of our idols, replacements and counterfeit laws. May we be persuaded that Your wisdom is undefiled, pure, holy and true.  As we taste the bitter fruit of unholiness, wickedness and apathy, may Your Word work in every heart to bring us to the cross.  Take our rebellion, cast it as far as the east is from the west; and we receive your love and righteousness given by virtue of your last breath.

Lord have mercy on us.

You see every deal made in dark alleys and shady corners. You see every plot devised in penthouse suites, palaces and high towers.  Every royal chamber is before you.  Every conversation recorded.  The greatest deception has been believed by the elite of our world who pay time and resource to manifest the great slaughters of our time.  May we see through the venom of men; may we see their enslavement  – and fulfill your Word to “love our enemies”.

Lord have mercy on us.

Lord lift the veil that those who blindly slaughter your people will glimpse the bloodied, torn, bruised body of Jesus Christ. Open their eyes, separate their soul from the spirit attempting to chaperon them into everlasting torment.  May those fully possessed by legions of demons – repent.  May your Love penetrate the darkest of hearts, including mine.  May Truth set us free from every evil:  jealousy, envy, bitterness, anger, murder, despair, worry, hopelessness, greed, manipulation and pride. Teach us to become like you; and forever may we worship you, in Spirit and in Truth. May we become bulwarks for your Word, and your Presence.  Our only hope.

Lord have mercy on us.

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